19. Invention, intellectual property and income

Current plan

My plan to complete the final project is by working on it through the weekly assignments. By relating the assignments to the final project, I will be able to complete the final project on time.

My project is a low cost digital incentive spirometer which will help and serve people who suffers from some lung diseases such as Asthma and COPD to monitor their health status requraly.

Project block daigram

Check list

1- To design and build the flowmeter using the presseure sensor and venturi tube.

2- To design the case and cut it using laster cutting machine,

3- To connect the components with the designed circuit.

4- To make a slide and a video for presenstaion.

5- To upload them to root directory.

6- To document everything daily.

Plan for future

In this project, we want to utilize the principles used in breathing rehabilitation device “Incentive spirometer” which utilizes simple challenges with visual indicators to help patients gain and maintain their physiological breathing state. We propose to transform a digital spirometer into a gaming controller as a base for a digital health and wellness platform that can be used in the future to create more specific apps and games that address a variety of conditions and lifestyle modification exercises. I will create the device and the platform is open for developers to develop games for the device.

Licensing & Marketing

License is important because it will ensure that I will get the credit for my work. Since my project will be open for developers to create different apps related to breathing exercises, I am planning to get the “creative commons copyright license” because it enables the collaboration and growth in digital commons. To view the full details of the license, please click on the link.

I am planning to sell this device for people who suffers from heart diseases like Asthma and COPD. The device can be sell to the people as it’s portable, light in weight and small in size. Then, they downlaod the official mobile app that come with it to monitor their lung capacity, flow rate of exhaled air, and flow rate of inhaled air. Another use of the device that it can be used as a controlling game engine. Developers will create applications (different games) and the users will connect the device to their preferred application. The games will produce lifestyle modification exercises for users. The marketing for the device can be done through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Project poster

Project video