About me

Hello all! and welcome to my page. This is Zahra Almukhariq, a fourth-year electronics engineering student in Bahrain Polytechnic. I am very enthusiastic and energetic person who is always looking for new and unusual experiences. I decided to join Fab Academy to learn things and to improve my practical skills.

I am a hard-working person

I started working since I was 18! I got my first job in an English institute called British Language Centre. I worked there as an admission and project officer for around 1 year. During my work in BLC, I managed some programs for the students to develop their English skills. I established the “Time-to-Talk” club. In this club, students get to develop their speaking skill by talking to each other about different topics. Moreover, I managed an educational trip for the students, I went with them to UK as a group leader to study and we stayed there for 2 weeks.

After one year in BLC, I decided to get experience and explore new fields. I applied in BAPCO (Bahrain Petroleum Company) and I get an internship there. My internship was for 2 months and I was in the vehicles and pump maintenance department. As part of my job, I was asked to go to petrol stations couple of times to calibrate the dispensers. Calibrating the dispensers mean that people should have the same liters of petrol that appears on the dispenser screen on their cars. Also, from this experience, I learnt about the Tesla system, Sadeem system, and the process taken to distribute petrol around all the kingdom.

After the internship with BAPCO, I got another two, one was with BFG International and the other with Tamkeen. In BFG I worked in the R&D department, while in Tamkeen I worked as a consultant within Intelaaq program.

I love voluntary work

I love to do voluntary work! It gives me the opportunity to develop my social skills and stay connected with people and social activities. I started volunteering since I was in intermediate school as I went to clean a beach with my teachers. Now, I am a member in Bahrain Polytechnic Voluntary Club and I have participated in organizing many events in my uni such as STEM events. Also, as a Toastmaster, I have participated in organizing many of toastmaster events in Bahrain and other gulf countries. My best volunteer experience was in Youth City 2030 as I was a volunteer in the science and technology centre. Through those volunteer experiences, I have learnt a lot! (more than what I have expect) and I am very pleased of that.