1. Principles and practices

Objectives of this week are:

1- Plan and Sketch a final project idea


One of the standard tests conducted in hospitals to diagnose the lung diseases is called the Spirometry test. Spirometry test assess how well the human lungs are by using a device called spirometer. The spirometer measures the speed of the breath as well as the amount of air that user can inhale and exhale. In the medical industry, That helps patients to keep their lungs healthy after surgery or when they have a lung illness.

Here is some useful links that you can visit to learn more about Spirometery test:

Project scope

The project aims to design a medical product that do the same functionalities of the spirometer but with some extra features. The device will be designed and built in a way to make the patient more comfortable while doing the breathing tests.

What the device will do?

1- Measure the air capacity of the lungs.

2- Estimate the lung size

3- Test and measure rate of air flow (speed)

4- Test and measure how well gases such as oxygen get in and out of blood

5- Coach patients how to take breath correctly based on their health status.

6- Add an entertainment factor to the patient training and testing session.

All the above measurements will help in diagnosis the lung diseases (such as COPD and Asthma) by comparing the lung functions to the expected levels of functions.

How the device will work?

The device will contain a mouth piece that the patient must inhale and exhale in it. A pressure sensor will be attached to that mouth piece to measure the air speed and the air capacity in the user lungs. Based on the results, we can estimate the lung size and identify diseases. We can train the user how to breath correctly based on his health state by telling him when to take a fast breath and when to take a slow breath. To make this training session more attractive and fun, there will be a user interface that is connected to the mouthpiece, so user can monitor and visualize his breathing. Also, a pulse oximeter sensor will be integrated in the device to measure the oxygen ratio in the blood. This project consist of many elements such as: input/output devices, sensors, micro-controllers, power management system, communication platform, user interface and a high-quality prototype design.

Who will use the device?

The spirometer can be used in the medical sector for diagnostic or tranning. Also, it can be used separately in any field as entertainment tool. For example, the spirometer can be connected to a game and then, the user have to control the game using his/her breathing.

How did I imagine the device?

This is my first sketch

This is my second sketch