Principles and Practice, Project Management (Jan 28)

Assignment: develope a personal website and describe a possible final project

Computer-Aided Design (Feb 4)

Assignment: sketch and model the final project in 2D and 3D environment

Computer-Controlled Cutting (Feb 11)

Assignment: design, make and document a press-fit construction

Electronics Production (Feb 18)

Assignment: fabricate the FabISP in-circuit programmer

3D Scanning and Printing (Feb 25)

Assignment: design and 3D print an object; 3D scanning practices

Electronics Design (Mar 4)

Assignment: redraw the HelloWord board and add extra components

Embedded Programming (Mar 11)

Assignment: program the HelloWorld board to do something using different program packadges

Computer-Controlled Machining
(Mar 18)

Assignment: make something big

Molding and Casting (Mar 25)

Assignment: design an object, make a mold and cast parts from it

Input Devices (Apr 8)

Assignment: measure something

Output Devices (Apr 15)

Assignment: control an output device

Composites (Apr 22)

Assignment: produce a fiber composite part

Networking and Communications (Apr 29)

Assignment: build a network by connecting at least 2 processors

Interface and Application Programming (May 6)

Assignment: write an application that interfaces with a designed device

Applications and Implications
(May 13)

Assignment: describe as in detail as possible the final project

Mechanical Design, Machine Design (May 20)

Assignment: build and automate a machine

Invention, Intellectual Property and Income (May 27)

Assignment: develop a plan of dissemination

Project Development (Jun 3)

Assignment: complete the final project

Project Presentation (Jun 24)

Assignment: document the final project