In this week we needed to test the Milling tool heads, Speed and the differences between materials.

And to build something BIG

1. FIrst I build a Chair and with students we made even bigger stuff

2. some material milling tests – Glass, Stone, Cement Board, Wood and Foam

- Build a chair: (The chair design was taken from portugal's fablab website and only the noches size needed to be adjust for the right sizes)

In the first test I tried to mill the Plywood in one step with 2.5 driller dimeter – that killed the driller

That I moved to 3 steps each one drille 3rd CM, with a secusses

With the students we made some Parametric design to famous chairs and with reused wood we printed it

 Re used OSB – It was hard to mill it and needed 4 steps with 2.5 wood driller

I decided to try to drill/ engrave Glass and to see how deep and I go with a regular driller couse I couldn't find a diamond driller

SO in each test I changed the speed and the deepens

the driller became to be so hot that it turned to be red, for the nest drilles I add water to the process but the driller was damage

(I will add more details later)

Fab Lab IL – put the community help as its main goal, One of the first project take part in it – is a kindergarden and school for special need children.

because of their needs the outdoor garden should have a roof but the design idea was to give them sky view ass well with cheap material

The material is waved Cement Board, so how do you mill it and make the holes in it?

I tried with some tools and we found the best one.

Than I tried to mill it with different number of steps and speed, and try to make it without modeling all the wave

 9 steps

 1 step

 super fast

I also Try to mill stone. In Jerusalem 60% of the building facades must be caver with stone, for more then 100 years nothing change we have 6 different stone patterns, I was thinking how can we change the pattern and by milling change the entire facade give the stone the glamor again

For that process I need diamond driller and a water pipes, I am tying now to water the stone for a some days before drill it make it drink the water