Final – Presentation

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The aim was to design a laser cutter as economically as possible (~4500 euros).

During my research, which included studying other open source projects,  I became aware of a new kind of laser — a diode laser — which can move through optical fibers.

This enabled me to have a free-standing multifunctional head while also making the machine smaller with the most up-to-date technology.

Using a a small diode laser gave me more working space, consuming less energy, while at the same time being more precise and less expensive.

The process was amazing.   I designed 7 versions of the machine, each one building on the previous stage, resulting in a better and less costly machine.

I succeeded in finding a good solution for the movement of the axis.

The machine design includes electronics — design, implementation, and control — as well as programming.

The machine is controlled by the GBRL CNC program.

I received the laser only yesterday and  am still waiting for some material to arrive in Israel.  This project will continue to develop over time.