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5 Axis Laser Cutter – Machine Design

For Designing my Machine I used the Open Source Laser cutter project Lasersaur

This project is amazing and they have great solutions in it that I adapted,


The differences are  that i build 5 axis machine, they have only 2 axis, They use CO2 laser with is huge need to have cooler solution and optic lenses, I am going to use a prototype of a company called CIVAN witch are creating the smallest laser using diodas, their laser consume 0.01 times less anergy and it is 100 times more paresis, the laser is going throw optic fibers there for no need optical solotion

The Machine can be smaller in size than the Lasersaur project because of the differences of the laser

But the high Z axis is the interesting place, to move the whole bace I needed lots of forces for it but the machine could be sorter, at the end I decided to put the Z axis on the Bridge using the MTM solution, yes the machine will be taller but need less efforts to move in the Z axis.

If you want you can download the 3D model of the machine and give me feedback to ohadme (at) gmail (dot) com

or from here