Electronics Production

This week was a hard one.

FabLabIL is still only on papers, So doing everything without proper machines and materials made this week complicated.

After looking on the different circuits, I wanted to build Valentin's Heun FabISP.   Buying the Material was difficult and still the main component is missing (ATTINY44A-SSU-ND, 644-1039-1-ND) it just cannot be found in a small country when it is not for a common use.

Now it was needed to mill the circuit board, I don't have a Modela machine but I do have Sherline 5410 at home .

Sherline machines Uses Linux CNC  witch is a computer controller for CNC machines Open source and free.

I knew that it is possible to generate Gcode from Raster but the software didn't let me do it.

After reading some I found the way to open a raser image in Linux CNC and to generate a tool path Gcode fro it:


the mill was not a successes do to my driller tool size I have at home.

I wanted to check more ways to mill with open source software, and I found HeeksCad witch can generate easily Gcode from lines [I know that it is not what we need but I wanted to check this stuff out]. Therefor I need to embed the png files to vector,

For that I used Adobe Illustrator open the png file in it, Live trace it, and embed it, save it as SVG or DWG file.

when I brought the files to HeeksCad something odd happen, each line was align to the 0,0,0 point and the structure destroyed, I manage to make some Gcode and I must say that easily but couldn't fix the problem [Windows ver works fine the Linux not].

Therefore I made some checking with RhinoCam to see if it will make, and it was easy to create the Gcode with it.