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5. 3D Scanning and printing – Group Kuriyama

This is group assignment page of Computer-controlled cutting (Kuriyama Student) :

Group assignment

  • test the design rules for your 3D printer(s)

What we’ve done this week

  • Test the design rules of Prusa (material: PETG)

  • Test the design rules of Prusa (material: ASA)

Test the design rules of Prusa (material: PETG) (Atsufumi Suzuki)

This time I used Prusa i3 MK3S to print 3D_Printer_tester.

The version of the prusa slicer is version 2.3.3

Download link

I used PETG Prusa Orange filament.

First, clean the table with isopropyl alcohol.

Next, Select “Preheat” => “PET - 230/85”

Inserted the filament.

Select “AutoLoad filament” => Press the knob and insert filament

(Cut the filament at 45 degrees.)

Click “Yes”!!

Open the downloaded tester stl file with prusa slicer.

Run “slice now” with the following settings

Print settings Filament Printer Infill
0.20mm QUALITY Prusament PETG Original Prusa i3 MK3S & MK3S+ 15%

You can check the amount of filament to use and the output time as follows

Connect the SD card to the PC and click “Export G-code” to save the data in the SD card.

Insert the SD card into prusa and select the target G-code file.

The nozzle and bed temperature rise before printing starts.

Calibration is automatically performed before 3D printing.


It was able to print the hole test part up to 2mm with no problem!!

The curve part was also printed up to 80 degrees.

The bridging test part failed.

Test the design rules of Prusa (material: ASA)

Tried out with Prusa i3 MK3.

Installed ASA.

Cut the top around 45 angle.

Press center button > Preheat> ASA

Started heat up.

Press center button > AutoLoad filament when heat up finish

Put in the filament to the hall.

And automatically go into.

Press “Yes”

Get the G-code data as Atsufumi Suzuki noted and copy to SD card.

Put the SD card to Prusa

Select the data


ASA 3D printer test

Export G-cord as follows;

Print settings : 0.20mm QUALITY

Filament : Prusament ASA

Printer : Original Prusa i3 MK3S & MK3S+

Infill : 15%

It took 5hours. Let’s check the detail.

Bent one side

It looks dragged in between 60° and 70°.

This part is nice compare to PETG.

  • 3D_Printer_test_fixed_stl_3rd_gen.STL [stl]

  • 3D_Printer_test_fixed_stl_3rd_gen_0.2mm_PETG_MK3S_5h4m.gcode [gcode]

  • 3D_Printer_test_fixed_stl_3rd_gen_0.2mm_ASA_MK3S_5h5m.gcode [gcode]


Last update: February 28, 2022