Principles and Practices

Fab Lab Charter

The Fab Lab Charter gives a basic explanation of what Fab Labs are and how they function. It states that Fab Labs were created in order to give the community access to tools of fabrication so that they can make (almost) anything. It then also briefly goes over your own accountability within these spaces.

Project Proposal

One important thing I have to keep in mind when deciding what to do for my final project is my major. Since this is my senior year, and many internships and labs have been canceled, I plan to do my capstone project with my final project. With that in mind, I must find something that is interesting and feasible to do, while also making sure it has to do with physics.

So I decided to sit down for a while and brainstorm up some ideas. Below are the two main Ideas that I thought were worthwhile.

Rough sketch of rocket idea

My project Ideas might be a little too complex and I am still going to have some conversations with some of the professors around my college about what might, and might not be, a good idea. For the time being I am going to pursue the adjusting telescope idea.

Rough sketch of what I am thinking about

The idea here is to have a system of gears that can rotate vertically and horizontally giving it a full range of motion. This will be controlled by an arduino with some type of button or analog control.

Telescopes are extremley expesive. Telescopes that automatically find celestial objects are even more expensive. This projects goal would be to find the gray area between the two by using my telescope with tracking components that I built myself. This way I will make using my telescope much more time efficient. In this always this project would mainly be built for myself, yet I would also like my family around and friends enjoy it with me

What might I need for my project


In the end, I do not think anything above is close to final. I don't exactly know how manageable my ideas are, but I have a general path that I want to go down. All I know is that it should involve physics in some way.