About Me

Hello! My name is Jesse Eubanks. I was born in Newark, Delaware but I have lived most of my life in Maine. Although not perfect, and sometimes cold, I take pride in my state as it is a beautiful place to live. It is currently my senior year at Wheaton College in Massachusetts (normally students here have to specify the state as there is a really religious Wheaton College in Illinois) and I'm majoring in physics. I am also in a Dual Degree program with Dartmouth where I am studying engineering.

When I was younger, I developed a quick interest in math and physics. I would love to consume anything science fiction. Space and the machinations surrounding it amazed me to the point where my childhood dream was to be an astronaut. This is one of the primary reasons taht lead me into making.

Here is a picture of myself

Why Fab Academany

I have a good amount of experience with math and computers, but I am still lacking in many departments. I have had opportunities to increase my fabrications skills, but sometimes it's easier to be lazy than to get things done. That's why I think fabacademy will be a worthwhile opportunity. Not only will I have an exceptionally unique experience, I will also be forced to sit down for twenty straight weeks and just get work done. I am wholly looking forward to it.

Student Agreement