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13. Applications and implications

Week Assignment

Task: Applications and Implications Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered.

Your project should incorporate:

Mashrabiya - مشربية‎


1 minute Video

Read more about final project

What will it do?

Mashrabiya : (Arabic: مشربية‎), is an architectural element that is characteristic of traditional architecture in the Arabic world. It is a type of projecting oriel window enclosed with carved wood latticework, sometimes enhanced with stained glass. In my project, I tried to create one with different technologies of digital fabrication inspired by the amazing Arabic culture.

SO my project Will Act like a ventilation and lighting unit ,inspired by Arabic Culture.

check concept and historical background

Who’s done what beforehand?

Mashrabiyas Are old element of Arabic architecture , one the trial of trying to modernize was the design of jean nouvel –istituto mondo arabo - but there he used minimal shape with iris movement.

although I really like his work but I think his Design due to it’s minimalism made the Mashrabiya lose its authenticity.

so I wanted to something that look s Arab

check His project

What did you design?

The panels

I designed the Panels

I chose a pattern to draw and designed which parts will move and which will be made as wood mosaic.

I did 3d design and casting and molding for the Star and geometric circles


What materials and components were used?


The answers to the questions below will allow you to create your BOM (Bill Of Materials).

Where possible, you should make rather than buy the parts of your project. Projects can be separate or joint, but need to show individual mastery of the skills, and be independently operable.

See Final Project Requirements for a complete list of requirements you must fulfil.

Where will they come from?

local supplier and tech techworks

webiste for local supplier

What parts and systems will be made?

inputs and outputs

Servo motors and timing belts

Led Light



What processes will be used?

I made and app with app inventor that connects to Bluetooth Hc-05 movement

then the Bluetooth sends a signal to servo motors and led light tot rotate or change color .

What questions need to be answered?

how will it move ? how many patterns can be produced

How will it be evaluated?

by the movement and the light. Iamount then all is good f the air follows and good light

context and users

in Jordan we have similar architecture

this tool can be used as a window and light communities

and the users can be the locals and visitors of the Jordanian architecture

to know about the following Visit final proejcet week:

my project incorporated:

2D and 3D design

additive and subtractive fabrication processes

electronics design and production

microcontroller interfacing and programming

system integration and packaging

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