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About me


Zaid M. Marji

I am an Architect, Maker, and Designer based in Amman, Jordan. I am experimenting with digital design and fabrication in wide-ranging projects in the fields of architecture, urbanism, and product design.

Cultural Attribute


In addition to the goals previously set by the Fab Foundation, I aim to bridge the gap between digital fabrication practices and cultural crafts, as our Arab and human heritage contains a set of inventions, values, and techniques that can be the inspiration for a better sustainable future.

I will try through my Fab Academy to put in perspective an old innovation or practice each week using a mix of old and new techniques.

If we spread knowledge, provide access to technology with no limits to everyone letting them develop solutions for their own problems using their accumulative heritage, We will have communities with sustainable cities and neighborhoods.

To do almost anything can easily mean to fix every problem.



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Throughout my undergraduate years, I realized that academic knowledge needs to be supported by practice due to the ever-changing nature of the architecture field. I worked as a part-time maker/designer for three years in Fablab Irbid in 2017 - the first digital fabrication lab in Jordan-, where I developed a set of skills in multiple manufacturing techniques including 3D printing and CNC machining as well as computational design.

after I graduated I Moved to Amman - the capital of Jordan- to start my Fab Academy at Techworks

Last update: February 15, 2021