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Hello and welcome to my Fab Academy page!!! Here, you can learn all about my adventure through this strenuous program and view all of my weekly assignments and my final project. To learn more about me, continue reading below on this page. Happy reading!

About me

My name is Charles De Mey and I am a sophomore at Charlotte Latin School. Although I have lived in Charlotte for 4 years and New Jersey for about 8 years before that, I was born and lived in Belgium. My family had to move to the United States because of my dad’s work. Since my immediate family (my mom, dad, sister, and me) are the only people in my family to live outside of Belgium, we go back at least once a year to see grandparents, cousins, old friends, etc. My family has made it a tradition to visit a new European capital every time we go visit our family, so I have seen a good deal of the continent. We have been to Madrid, London, Lisbon, Rome, Paris, and Dublin. Another aspect of having my family be from Belgium is that in addition to English, I also speak French and Dutch fluently, the 2 predominant languages of the small country.

Other than things related to engineering, I love playing tennis and golf. During the winter, I also love skiing. I have skied in several cool places such as Jackson Hole (in Wyoming, USA), Park City (in Utah, USA), Les Arcs (in Frances), and Chamonix (in France). I also have 2 dogs and 4 cats.