About me

Hi! I am Vincent Zhou. I am a highschooler with a burning passion for all things computer-related from programming languages to machine learning. However, I want to diversify into engineering and fabrication which is why I am here!

My background

I mostly spend time with programming over a wide variety of fields. I started off with simple command line java programs and progressed to web development, iOS app development, backend development, and competitive machine learning. Curiosity and the thirst to learn has been the main driving force for my incursions into multiple fields of software development. Over the course of a few years, I have picked up 7 programming languages.

Active development projects

Machine learning

I participated in two machine learning competitions on Kaggle where I learned an overwhelming amount of information on the world of competitive machine learning. In an environment where you must squeeze as much performance out of machine learning models as possible, I learned about common machine learning methods such as ensemble learning, gradient boosting machines, feature engineering, and attention based neural netowrks. By constantly grinding on Kaggle, I also refined my skills in Python and numerous machine learning packages. I took a hiatus on competitive machine learning to take an online course about the methods of top Kagglers.

Web development

I perform a lot of web development as websites provide a user interface for a lot of projects that I work on. Because of constant contact with web development, I kept practicing my HTML, CSS and Javascript skills. I also gained experience with multiple Javascript libraries that simplify and enhance website functionality such as Angular, Angular.js, JQuery, and Boostrap. Currently, I am developing a scouting website for my FIRST robotics team.