Final Project

First project ideas

The first ideas I had for my final project are documented here.

Final project: DIY hydroponic pallet


Final project presentation

Here is the link to my presentation video

Bill of material

Re-used material

A 220v → 5v converter from an old cellphone charger :

AC-DC converter

A water pump from a defect Senseo coffee machine :

Water pump

A wood pallet and two empty plastic bottles :

Wood pallet

DIY material

3D printed / LASER cut bottle caps :

Bottle caps

3D printed fittings :


3D printed planters :

3D printing a planter

CNC milled electronic circuit boards :

Control PCB

Water level sensor is documented in the Week 11 assignment.

Microcontroller board and code

CAD files

Project development

Step-by-step development is documented on the week 20 assignment.