15. Mechanical design


  • Design a machine that includes mechanism, actuation and automation
  • Build the mechanical parts and operate it manually
  • Document the group project and your individual contribution

Group project

Group assignment is documented on it’s dedicated page and on the machine design group page.


Original 3D prints

My first contribution was to 3D print some parts for the 4xiDraw :

  • DrawingMachine_-_newEndX.stl (2 times)
  • DrawingMachine_-_base.stl
  • DrawingMachine_-_base_with_nuts.stl

I sliced it to g-code using Slic3r Prusa Edition, in order to print it with our Prusa i3 MK3 in PET-G.

I used 0.15mm layer height and 60% infill, disabled support and brim, selected Prusament PETG as filament.

This is one of the two X axis end with motor support (newEndX) :

X axis end

This is the upper base :


And the lower base, with holes for nuts :

Base with nuts

This is how the two bases are assembled :

Mounted base

Here is the 4xiDraw (without the end effector) :


Additional 3D prints

I designed a support for the stop switches that simply clamps on the 3D printed structure :

End switch clamp

It is compatible with both X and Y axis :

End switch on X axis

End switch on Y axis

Solidworks part, STL and g-code files are archived in EndSwitchClamp.zip