1. Principles and practices


  • Sketch your final project ideas
  • Described what it will do and who will use it


These are some ideas that I found interesting :

  • A direct-box kit, to let sound engineering students compose their own live recording equipment
  • A lightweight laboratory fume-hood, that can be re-designed for many purposes (storage, manipulation, air cleaning, filter testing, …)
  • An input/output devices network in kit, that can be used to setup physics experiments.


I choosed to design a fume-hood because, within my ideas, this is the most useful.


The design can be separated in 3 stages :

Structure and extraction :

Structure Extraction

Filtering stages :

Filter Filter


I must use a maximum of scrap materials, for 3 reasons :

  • I have a lot of experience as a scavenger,
  • this is why our local waste collection company funded my admission.
  • I hate wasting. No matter if you waste materials, food or energy. I really despise it.

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