Applications and Implications

  • Individual assignment: Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered

What will do?

My final project pretends to read trading card game cards and send the name of the card to a Database.

Who has done what beforehand

Michael Portera made a Magic the Gathering and posted on webpage. His model uses legos to build the housing, a Raspberry and a Raspeberry camera.


Another work came from Joao Almeida (starstuffharvestingstarlight in github). Uses OpenCV and Tesseract for OCR recognition.

Joao TCG Reader

What will you design?

My work will consist in programming the Raspberry Pi to detect a TCG card name. To achieve a good capture, I will place LEDs to make the card brigther on each take. A board for this LEDs will be solded. Finally a 3D Printed housing will encapsulate everything.


What materials and components will be used?

# Piece Quantity
1 Raspberry Pi 1
2 WebCAM 1
3 Wires 10
4 LED 5
5 Resistor 499 5
6 Attiny45 Microprocessor 1
7 MDF 1
8 3D Print Filament 1
9 Electronics board substrate 1

Where will they come from?

3D Printed house and board elements will come from the FAB inventory. Raspberry Pi, wires, and the camera will be bought from local vendors.

How much will it cost?

I will be using FabFoundation price list and local vendors price as reference:

Part Qty Unit Price Sub-Total
Raspberry Pi 1 100$ 100$
WebCAM 1 30$ 30$
Wires 10 0.1$ 1$
LED 5 0.15$ 0.75$
499 Resistor 5 0.01$ 0.05$
Attiny Microprocessor 1 1.06$ 1.06$
Filament Aprox 50gr 42.00$ 2.10$
MDF Aprox 0.5m2 1.70$ 0.85$
Substrate Aprox 0.02m2 1.4$ 0.03$
Total 135.84$

What parts and systems will be made?

  • Part - Housing
  • Systems - LED board

What process will be used?

Part Process Materials
Housing 3D Design and Laser Cutting 3mm MDF
CAM Holder 3D Design and 3D Printed ABS Filament
Electronics Electronics Design, CNC Routing, Electronics production, programming Substrate and components
GUI GUI interface and programming Python code
Assemble Packing

What questions need to be answered?

Questions like:

  • There is enough light for the camera to get the card name correctly?
  • It is sending data correctly?
  • Could it work with only USB cable?

How will it be evaluated?

The project will be evaluated using real Magic the Gathering cards. Cards will be scanned one by one, and all data will be sent to an Excel sheet. It is important to notice the TCG Scanner only needs to scan card's name. Other text should be avoided.