Cat entrance-door system

For my final project I've decided to design an entrance/exit system for our cat Mirruñis to go in and out from home.

Throughout the course I will be updating this page and maybe adding or removing features to the door system.

For an easier navigation and track the process of my documentation for the final project, I've divided into stages the work development:


_stage 1 (list of features)

_stage 2 (sensors+programing)

_stage 3 (pcb fabrication)

_stage 4 (structure)

_stage 5 (app design)

_stage 6 (connections & wiring integration)

_final outcome

_bill of materials

This is a general planning for the upcoming 2 months to develop my final project.


I planned out this calendar as a guidance, many changes have happened along the schedule I planned, specially during the last weeks of the course (time starts to run out faster than expected).
Many stages have changed along the last month of the course.