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Hi! I am Dominic Simenthi. I currently work for a Michigan Based Minority Company where I handle the India Procurement Operations. I have been a tinkerer from a very young age and is always eager to learn. I learned mechanical engineering, but I am always curious to know how stuff work. This curiousity is not confined to just mechanical things. Anything that involves an input & output with some processing happening between them, be it Beam robots,Statistics, Precision Farming, or even Making Good Food!, I will spend time to understand it.

Joining Fablab is like a dream come true for someone like me. This is somewhat expensive when you factor in the fact that this wont be added to any credits here in India.

My State, Kerala gives a scholarship for the students selected to fablab. I was awarded that. My state is also facing a financial crunch right now after an unexpected flood hit us really bad. So I believe it is my responsibility to return the favour to my state by putting good use of my learning from here. This website is where I document my learning and the outcome of it. Feel free to ride along…