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Group Assignment: Output Devices

For this week's group assignment we had to measure the power consumption of an output device.

Measure Power Consumption Brushless motor

To fulfil this assignment we tested one of the brushless motors Alessandra and Hakan are testing for their final project. The motor is driven by one of their boards and an esc (electronic speed controller).

It takes 12 V (from an external power supply) and when it is idling 0.03 A.

To get the resulting wattage, we just use the formula W = V * A
12 * 0.03 = 0.36
So it has a power consumption of 0.36 when idling.
When running, the taken current is 0.6A, when putting it in the formula we get:
12 * 0.6 = 7.19
So that means the motor's power consumption is 7.19W when running.
In percent, that is an increase of 1900% from idle to running.