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Group Assignment: Input Devices

For this week's group assignment we had to probe an input device's analog levels and digital signals. To fulfil the assignment we used an oscilloscope to probe the analog and digital levels of an input device.

Connect Probe to a Potentiometer

We simply connected the oscilloscope probe to the potentiometer and a power supply. Whenever we turned the knob of the potentiometer we could see the change in resistance, and thus in voltage on the screen of the oscilloscope.

DHT Sensor

When connecting a DHT sensor module, which outputs digitally encoded data we probed the data line instead. The data transmission shows up on the screen as a unregular square wave. When using the oscilloscope in "Single" module we can take a look at each of the bits transmitted.

Whenver the signal is high or low we can see some noise, but the bits are still perfectly distinguishable.