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Bike restoration

A friend of mine gave me a bike he was not using, to commute between the school and home. But it was in a somewhat bad condition. It needed a couple of fixes and adjustments. Since one of the biggest goals of Fab Academy is to learn how to properly document work. I’ll include this here for the sake of creating a new habit.

Checking what needed to be done

The fist thing I did was to fill the tires. Hopefully by the end of the day they will still remain full (no punctures).

At the Lab, I tried to find every possible problem with it. The tires were ok, so that was a big win.

List of problems:

Bike was really dirty
Seat wasn’t fixed
Breaks were stuck
Fender was loose
Bike rest wasn’t folding
Ring bell was stuck
Fold hinge had a play
Headset had a play

For some miraculous reason, the rear derailleur was working fine!

I started fixing the seat and cleaning the bike

After that, picked up some tools and started to fix everything. The fender had two roles for fixing without bolts, so I got some in the shop and fixed it.

The bike stand wasn’t folding

The reason was it had been bent a bit and had dirt + rust on the inside. After bending it back and cleaning up, it worked fine.

The middle hinge had a huge play, easily fixed by tightening the main bolt.

All the rest was mainly using WD-40 and tightening to make it work again.

After 1h of work, the bike was in a usable condition, and I made it back to the hostel with it. :)