Final presentation

My final project

My idea for the final project is to create a "training of trainers tool box" that contains a series of exercise-boards, related to digital fabrication, for help trainers to teach digital fabrication, electronics and much more. Each tutorial corresponds to an example of the exercise done and a printable web page -with the thermal printer that will be integrated into the chest of drawers. This project is designed for FABKIT, a project by Global Humanitarian Lab.

You can visit WIP web site of Training of Trainers here (last upload 14/03.) or the "OFFICIAL" site (update 17/06) with tutorial GENERATOR HERE.

FABKIT is a project started by GHL and supported by the fablab network. The main objective is to create a low cost, replicable and “open” fablab to be deployed in refugee camps or developing areas to empower local communities. To support local users, the package will include:

  • The machines (mainly to be assembled and producible in a Fablab)
  • The structure (reusable as furniture\enclosure of the machines)
  • Contents (material that can be used by the instructor and by local trainers):"training of trainers tool box" (with web site) .
  • Last version: you can see the top of this tool box at the end of this Francesco web page.

    Training of trainers: scenario

    A possible scenario is this: Full package of every material of the fab kit needed is delivered. A central instructor is sent locally for a limited period of time (i.e. 2 months) A certain number of local potential trainers is selected (i.e. 3 people, with different backgrounds) The fab machines are assembled following the manuals(1) The fab machine are calibrated following the manuals(1) The fab machine are tested following the manuals(1) A set of tutorials(2) are delivered, to allow users to learn technical skills A set of lessons(3) are delivered, to allow users to learn soft skills Examples(4) and instructions(5) to create activities(6) are delivered, to create a frame in which users will put in practise what they learned, set their own goals and work together to reach them. Guidelines(7) to create new contents are delivered as well.

    Part 1

    Concept and Analysis

    Part 2

    Project development(week20)

    Part 3

    Final development

    Part 4


    Part 5

    Final presentation

    Final resoult

    Toolbox: DOWNLOAD AREA


    Toolbox: BOM

    Quantity Name Link Cost
    1 ATMEGA328P-AU FARNELL € 1,86
    1 Hall sensor A1324LLHLX-T - linear FARNELL € 1,72
    1 CRYSTAL MCRSD16000F183000RR-SMD 11.4x4.7 mm FARNELL € 0,192
    5 Led (different color) SMD, 1,6mm x 2,3mm, 20 mA, 2.1 V, 570 nm FARNELL € 0,229 for units
    1 B3F-1020 - Switch Series B3F, 50 mA, 24 V, 0.98 N FARNELL € 0,217
    1 DFRobot SER0043 DIGI-KEY € 3,51
    5 resistor CRCW1206499RFKEA - 499 ohm FARNELL € 0,05 for unit
    2 resistor ERJ8GEYJ103V - 10 kohm FARNELL
    1 pin header FARNELL € 1,35
    1 Capacitor 1 µF, 50 V, +80%, -20%, Y5V, Serie MC FARNELL € 0,189
    2 Capacitor 0.1 µF, 50 V, ± 10%, X7R, Serie MC FARNELL € 0,116
    1 Capacitor 1206 [3216 Metrico], 10 µF, 25 V, ± 10%, X5R, Serie MC FARNELL € 0,473
    1 Capacitor 22 pF, 50 V, ± 5%, C0G / NP0, Serie MC FARNELL € 0,119
    1 PMMA 3 MM - for laser - 20x20 mm SCULPTEO € 5,7
    1 Playwood 3 MM - for laser - 60x15 mm trotec € 3,5
    1 Playwood 8mm 1850 mm x 2520 mm LeroyMerlin € 17,50
    1 Playwood 18 1250 X 2520 mm LeroyMerlin € 53,50
    1 wood wax Amazon € 11,92

    Contents and Platform

    For this system I created a series of specific contents, which will be inserted into the platform in the form of tutorials. The general idea is described on this site: WIP web site of Training of Trainers here, while the beta platform with tutorial GENERATOR HERE.

    tot_forvimeo from lauracip on Vimeo.