Project Development


Complete your final project, tracking your progress:

  • what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
  • what has worked? what hasn't?
  • what questions need to be resolved?
  • what will happen when?
  • what have you learned?
  • What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain? (last update 17/06)

    finished | TOOLBOX:
  • code (for now it works)
  • supports for switches designed and already laser cut

  • finished | PLATFORM:
  • the "documentation platform" is online with its "tutorial generator" here.

  • finished | CONTENTS:
  • molding and casting
  • embroidery machine
  • lasercutter
  • vinylcutter
  • ----------------

    to do | TOOLBOX:

  • final modeling and cam for milling the pieces of the chest of drawers (8/06 - 9/06); X
  • block with hall sensor: finish the 3d model to be milled and assembled X
  • electronic support for printing in 3d; X
  • end stroke bearings (maybe molding?); X
  • insertion of the motor and relative assembly of the electronic blocking part;
  • optimization and debugging of the interface (which currently works but reads data that is not right);
  • drawing of drawers with vinyl stickers;
  • assemble everything and integrate with the board (and content) of Francesco

  • to do | PLATFORM:

  • write definitive texts home page site
  • review the graphic alignments
  • upload another example of documentation content

  • to do | CONTENTS:
  • photogrammetry tutorial - not for presentation -
  • cut vademecum
  • example with pin game (lasercut)X
  • print cecklist
  • optimize space and contents

  • presentation slide
  • documentation on site
  • video
  • presentation for fab event (july)
  • What has worked? what hasn't?(last update 10/06)

    For now the thing that worries me the most is the interface that must be used to calibrate the hall sensor: it does not re-elaborate the right data from "processing" on arduino (sometimes even the opposite). The rest seems to work, but I'll find out while I'm assembling it.

    What questions need to be resolved?

    The block of the chest of drawers must be better managed. It would be interesting to unlock the individual drawers on the basis of the card that is passed: if you approach a "base" user can only be opened by myself basic level tutorials: this would improve security.

    What will happen when?

    In the last few weeks my concern is linked to the electronic part. Mine is a group project but Francesco will not graduate with me, this destabilizes me because I do not know well his code and his part of the project, not enough to manage it. Therefore...fingers crossed!

    What have you learned?

    I learned so many things, I'm afraid some of them have already forgotten!
    But I learned above all that if I document what I do, I can win the fight against my bad memory!

    I have learned that the more you are wrong, the more you come across an unexpected and the more your brain can show you that you really understand what you are doing!
    I learned the potential of electronics, I learned where to look for what I need to continue studying it.
    I have deepened and discovered new modeling and prototyping tools, I have discovered that in the world there is a silent network of experimenters! And there are a lot of very active people who deal with education and humanitarian issues that make spectacular projects!

    I learned that the group is fundamental for this type of learning, but that even from a distance you can meet interesting people!

    I learned that sleep is overrated, but above all, as a fussy designer, I learned that it is "better done than perfect" and, at the end, is still gratifying!!