Fab Academy 2018
How to make (almost) anything


Final Project

About Me

My name is Christian Cárdenas. I was born in Cali, Colombia. I´ve been living in Mexico for the last nine years.
I am a materials engineering graduate from Universidad del Valle in Colombia. After I obtained my bachelor’s degree I travel to Mexico to continue my studies where I got a master’s degree in material science at CINVESTAV – Querétaro. During this period, I had the opportunity of work with basic science and perform first principles simulation using Density Functional Theory.

Since then, I’ve been working as an educator in a couple of universities in Querétaro. Now I’m a full-time professor at Universidad Anáhuac Campus Querétaro where the Fab Lab Querétaro project is dawning.
During my first contact with the FabLab philosophy, I found out that is truly a future forward concept that gives everybody the opportunity to think in a different way and completely outside the box. I hope to apply and share all the knowledge and skills I acquire in the Fab Academy with my students, colleagues, and all people around me.