Salman Faris - Fab Academy 2018

Hi,Welcome to my Fab journey

Hi, I, am Salman Faris .Electronics Enthusiastic and Computer Science Graduate. I love to build cool things with computer programmes and electronics .
I Joined Fab Academy because I do so many DIY stuff for fun, and sometime for a purpose, now I want to make something to the next level other than DIY, like industrial finished product .so I believe Fab lab is one of the right places for people like me. In the course, I am planning to build final to project that solve real world problems.

PlanetBin is all about solving waste managemnet probelm that we are facing , so here i going to build a Sensor Based Waste Collection Bins to identify status of waste bins if it is empty or filled so as to customize the waste collection schedule accordingly and also save the cost. It will inform the status of each and every dustbin in real time so that concerned authority can send the garbage collection vehicle only when the dustbin is full.