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Output Devices

Assignment: Add an output device to a micro controller board and program it to do something.

Powering boards

After cutting out the boards I addressed the need for an external power source, on the previous boards the power came from the FTDI cable which is not present on these output devices boards. Thomas Hopman directed me to use a 9 volt battery because the regulator on board will regulate it down to 5V.

On each of the stuffed boards I clipped the same leg of the J-connector to prevent putting the plug in in the wrong way.

Before programming the board, I connected the external power source and used a DMM to check that 5 volts was arriving at the ATTiny's VCC pin.


Program speaker board:

The program code creates random annoying beeps


Program LCD board:

Write text to your project / dedicate one ATTiny44 to the display

44780 chip on LCD board is needed for the driver which takes a bizarre protocol.


Program DC motor board:

Spin continuously need a H-bridge to move in both directions.