I live in Montreal, Quebec.
I love science and technology but studied graphic design.
I'm usually pretty good at fixing things.
I love doing things that sits on the edge between science and art.
Here's my Fab Academy 2015 Portfolio

Final Project Presentation


---Week 1---
Principles and practices / Project management

---Week 2---
Computer-Aided Design

---Week 3---
Computer-controlled cutting

---Week 4---
Electronics Production

---Week 5---
3D Scanning and Printing

---Week 6---
Electronics Design

---Week 7---
Embeded Programming

---Week 8---
Computer-Controlled Machining

---Week 9---
Molding and Casting

---Week 10---
Input Devices

---Week 11---
Output Decices

---Week 12---

---Week 13---
Networking and Communications

---Week 14---
Interface and Application Programming

---Week 15---
Final Project

---Week 16---
Machine Building

---Week 17---
Invention, Intellectual Property and Income