Hozier - The singer. Not me.

A famous Irish singer who goes by half of his and my (not-so-common) surname. There is a small possibility we could be related - smaller since he’s twice as tall as me!


I’m an allround audio-visual / multimedia content creator and Audio-visual specialist with a passion to learn, and create things digitally or physically.

Originally from London, now living in Amsterdam my working background includes audio-visual, design, film and TV industries in various departments and everything in between.

I’m hoping to learn new skills, further extend ones I already have and combine them with the wide variety of experiences, knowledge and interests I have (art, design, science and technology). And ultimately make some cool stuff.

Reasons why i’m doing Fab Academy?

  • My motivations are to brush-up on, expand and explore new skills in digital fabrication. In a creative environment with other like minded and diverse people (studying by yourself is less fun).

  • With this training i hope to be able to make solutions myself to problems i have /see when trying to bridge the physical and digital aspects of multimedia / audio-visual world.

  • I wish to follow my dream of building a kit-car. Since learning to drive at the age of 17, I’ve always wanted to build a kit-car as the best way of learning how a car works.

  • Over the years “trends” in the kit-car industry have seen changes from the use of powerful car engines as the power plant , to high revving small tax efficient motorcycle engines and now to electric motors. And the Car industry in general has moved to digital fabrication techniques. All I need are the skills to do it and a garage to build it.

  • I see it as an extension of what I started to learn as part of my SFX degree, which incorporated basic electronics, engineering principles, prop making, moulding and other things for practical special effects.

  • I’ve been working for the last 2 years in a ”medtech” company in a building dedicated to start-ups and companies that adhere to the UN millennium goals. There I saw lots of cool products and projects aimed at improving the world that used a lot of skills in common with FabLab.

  • And overall who doesn’t want to be self sufficient and make cool stuff by themselves.

Favourite TV Shows

  • MacGyver
  • The A-Team (the bit where they breakout of confinement using nothing but a paperclip and a chewing gum wrapper)
  • Myth Busters
  • How do they that?
  • How it’s made
  • James Bond (the Q scenes with all the spy gadgets!)