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Hello! People's

My name is Rahul and I am everything I do.

I am Self-Designed Learner and a Seeker. I love the way I live. Beautiful things about my learning journey is that I did many beautiful things, met wonderful people, and learned to appreciate life.


The Grocubator


Is the smart small-medium size incubator for sprouting and growing microgreens.

Sprouting is the natural process in which seeds germinate, where microgreens is further grow of that in the stage when it produce initial leaves. Sprouting is done traditionally and it is very easy. It tends to increase nutrient levels and easy to digest so can be called super food.



Exploring Different Skills

Principle and Practice

Objective and Concept behind Final Project

Project Managment

Git and personal site

Computer Aided Design

Exploring 2D & 3D design software

Computer Controlled Cutting

LaserCutter and VinylCutter

Electronic Production

milling and stuffing PCB

3D Scanning and Printing

Experiments with 3D scanner and printer