Fab Academy 2021 - VitaPot

Fab Academy 2021

I'm Juan Manuel. Welcome to my project "VitaPot"

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1. Principles and practices - Week 1
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3. Computer Aided design - Week 3
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4. Computer controlled cutting

Intro: Project VitaPot

I love plants. I've surrounded myself with them at my house. I'm fascinated by the unique shapes and variations they have. As an illustrator, I often use my houseplants as subjects for botanical illustrations. It’s therapeutic to try to capture the unique details of each plant and bring it to life by drawing it. For my final project, I want to link the digital manufacturing processes and technologies of the fourth industrial revolution with my passion for plants and nature. My project aims to develop a smart planter pot, called VitaPot, that has the ability to communicate valuable information about a plant and its environment, including climatic conditions, humidity, temperature and wind. Additionally, the VitaPot planter will have the ability to water the plant. This project will use Internet of Things (IoT) technology and augmented reality.

VitaPot planters will be fabricated using 3D printing and laser cutting and will be designed to house several sensors and a processor, as well as a space to store water and a motor pump. The sensors will be connected to a Photon device that can send sensor data over Wifi and store it on a web server, which can then be checked on a phone or computer via an app.

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