Week 14: Networks and communications

individual assignment

design, build, and connect wired or wireless node(s) with network or bus addresses

group assignment

send a message between two projects

HERE you can check what wee did on this week group assignment

individual assignment

I2C stands for "inter integrated circuit" and it is a serial communication protocol originaly developt by philips in 1982.

It's ment to be used on short distantces under 1 meter.

This protocol works with Master/slave devices the masters that gives the comands and the slaves carrying over the master's instructions.

The master device has no addres instead are the slaves wich will be adressed.

There can be up to 128 devices on this protocol.

----now let's see the wires---

this particular protocol uses four wires to exchange communication.

VDD ---- ussually 3.3 volts

SDA ---- Bidirectional data line

SCL ---- Clock signal

Usually you'll find SDA and SCL conected to pullup resistors to VDD.

The adapter

for this assignment i designed, milled and soldered a board with 2 pull up resistors (1k each)

for SDA and SLC respectively.

download the PNG to place on post processor

This is the schematic

this is the board file

EAGLE files for this specific board

this is the board just as it came out of the milling machine

SRM-20 files for milling the board yourself

As akways i used Vcarve pro to generate the toolpaths.

V-CarvePro 9.012Files for editing the curves and postprocessing for another machine

a quick soldering pic courtesy of jonathan leon

the board already stuffed

this is the wires that must conect SDA to SDA and SCL to SCL from the samd11 to the arduino atmega328p

the arduino wired as a node and the samd11c board wired as a host

this is the code i used for this assignment on the host

this is the code i used for this assignment on the node

HEREas always you can get the arduino file (.ino) from here or in the "links and reference" section

this is the board i used for this assignment you can check how i did de design on electronic design week

Electronics design

a simple video of the programm testing


Here Slides from university of iowa on LDC displays

Here 2017 facademy page from fablab shangai on output devices

Here Wikipedia article on hitachi architecture for LCD displays

Here Arduino i2C comunication using mega/uno

Here Youtube video on I2C comunication

Here Youtube video on I2C comunication