About Me

My name is Luis and i’m 30 years old i graduated as an electromechanical engineer from the universidad veracruzana in the year 2016 in Mexico. Nawadays, i’m working as technical advisor in the Fablab Queretaro inside the universidad anahuac in queretaro city. I have 5 yaers of experience as mechanical designer using mainly Solidworks as my cad tool. Since 2010 i’ve developed a fascination for 3D printing and rapid prototying machines in general. ‘ve alwasy loved to share my scarce knowledge that i’ve been gaining through research and empirical experience. So working at the universidad anahuac it’s been quite a satisfation ‘cause i’ve been given the oportunity to teach students to use digital fabrication tools and diferent ways to design the same piece. Now in fabacademy 2020 i’m pretending to develop new skills to share and promote new ways to manufacture other than conventional manufacturing.

i did some modeling to aid during the COVID-19 outbreak HERE You can learn more about what i did.