Nodes Requisites


Fab Labs that offer the Fab Academy program are Nodes.

To become a Fab Academy Node you need the following requirements:


  • To fill the application FORM
  • Internet connection (at least 1mb upload/download).
  • A common space for students to work
  • Access to the Fab Lab facilities for a minimum of 20 hrs per week
  • Qualified staff*:
    • New Nodes:  a local Instructor + a Remote Guru
    • Nodes: an Instructor with more than 2 years teaching Fab Academy.
  • All the equipment and materials listed in the Fab Inventory.
  • Workgroup:
    • New Nodes: a minimum of 3 students is mandatory.
    • Nodes: a minimum of 3 students is recommended.

*Both Instructors and Gurus are Fab Academy graduates, with different level of expertise.

More information in the Fab Academy Handbook.



To offer the Fab Academy program in your Fab Lab you need an experienced Instructor.

  • New Nodes are Fab Labs with Instructors offering Fab Academy for the first time. In this case, in addition to the local Instructor, they also need the support of a Remote Guru.
  • Nodes have run the Fab Academy more than once, so they have a local Instructor (with more than 2 years teaching Fab Academy) or a local Guru (Instructors who have shown mastery of the broad range of HTMAA and have earned the respect of their peers through their years of service to the Academy)



  • All Fab Labs fill the form to become a Fab Academy NODE.
  • Node’s applications will be reviewed by Supernodes in order to assess their suitability to offer the program > Application does not mean Acceptance automatically.
  • Fab Labs will receive written confirmation of participation and will be added to the listed of active Nodes on the website and the student’s application form.
  • MOU (Memorandum of Understanding): Fab Labs will receive an MOU stating the basic requirements of the program, and the responsibilities and roles of the local team; which they must send back signed in a period of 1 week.

More information in the Fab Academy Handbook



  1. Applicants enroll to the listed Nodes in the online form.
  2. Once Central Coordination starts receiving the applications, we forward them to the selected Nodes for their consideration.
  3. The Nodes must contact the Applicant to assess if they are fit to the program and give feedback to Central Coordination within 2 weeks.
  4. Central Coordination sends the Acceptance letters monthly to the applicants and the payment instructions
  5. Once the Applicant received an Acceptance letter and pays the deposit, then he/she becomes a Student.



The Fab Academy tuition fees are variable. The price is comprised by Central Costs and Local Costs.

Central costs are fixed: 2500$/€

Local Costs are variable, decided by the node. They can calculate how much the local costs are and add this price to the central cost. The local cost must cover: materials, operations, access to facilities and instruction.

European Fab Labs can apply 1:1 conversion into Euros or the fixed exchange rate at the moment of the application.

More info here.



Tuition fees cover both local and global expenses, cost breakdown explained at the Fab Academy website.




From this year on, all the payments from students will go through Central Administration. Students will not pay tuition fees to Local Labs or Intermediaries.

In addition, all payments will be done via FLYWIRE payment platform.




Reimbursements of Local Costs will be done in 2 installments:

  1. 50% of local costs in early-March, after every student has paid the corresponding fees, according to the payment deadline (70% of fees before mid-January). Local Labs must send an invoice to Central Administration between the 1st – 5th of February.
  2. 50% of local costs in mid-September, after every student has paid full fees. Local Lab must send an invoice to Central Administration in late July.



Fab Academy 2017 Nodes list

Fab Academy 2018 Nodes list (not yet available)