Maria Josefina Petrini . HOW TO DO {almost} ANYTHING


Im from Argentina, graduated in 2014 from as an architect. I believe learning about new technologies will give people freedom to design, to create and to pour these concepts into new ways of making production more efficient. This is something me as an architect and we as citizens must be concerned about to improve dwelling in cities, make them mutate according to our new needs

final project, making energy tangible

The final project I have chosen is about domestic farming. The idea is being able to control the different outputs plants can give us, such as humidity levels, take them as inputs and transform them into new outputs through one device. In this case, by learning the precise amount of humidity a certain species lives on through a humidity sensor, we can control the amount of water that will be recieving in a automated way.


Taking MIT's CityFarm Research premise of 'GROW IT HERE, EAT IT HERE' the device intends to make people understand the production of vegetables, its whole growing process through technology, through a device of easy usability. I believe measuring values through given data and being able to manipulate it and play with it can teach us how our natural resources work, getting us closer to what we consume. What is more, is can be very effective for people travelling frequently.

fabrication process

The fabrication process consists in a assembly of acrylic parts that can be customized, and 3d printed PLA cases containing the electronic system to make it waterproof. Using Barduino as microcontroller, the device can be thaught to respond to different environments according to the species of plant that is intended to grow. The microcontroller is powered by solar energy so it doesnt need to have a power supply.