The Introduction

So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

I recently graduated from TuDelft (Netherlands), with a master in Interaction Design , following the Medical Design/Well being specialisation. Before that I was in Greece, where I come from, studying Product and Systems Design Engineering.

The Details

Looking around to understand where I stand as a professional, I got quickly disappointed with what Interaction means in the business world of design. It seems that nowadays companies see the screen side of interaction, almost directly translating Interaction design as interface design. Wanting to merge the physical and the digital world I decided to follow the Fab Academy in the Fab Lab Amsterdam.

The Fab Academy will help me dive into the world of digital fabrication conducting a different assignment every week on:

Week 1: Principles and practices

Week 2: Computer-aided design

Week 3: Computer-controlled cutting

Week 4: Electronics production

Week 5: 3D scanning and printing

Week 6: Electronics design

Week 7: Embedded programming

Week 8: Computer-controlled machining

Week 9: Molding and casting

Week 10: Input devices

Week 11: Output devices

Week 12: Composites

Week 13: Networking and communications

Week 14: UI and application programming

Week 15: Applications and implications

Week 16: Mechanical | Machine design

Week 17: Invention | Intellectual property

Week 18: Final project development

Final Project