This is the page of Fiore Basile. I'm a software developer, creative and entrepreneur.

During the last years the desire to build my own physical goods led me to discover the network of Fab Labs. Since then I have strong interest in digital fabrication and its implications on society.

For these reasons, I'm following the Fab Academy 2014 program at the beautiful Beach Lab in Sitges, Catalunya and founded the Fab Lab Cascina, just opened few kilometers from Pisa, Italy.

Please follow the links on the top menu if you want to learn more about me, my project and the study log. Thanks for visiting!


10 June 2014 Updated Interface and application programming page.
9 June 2014 Updated Composites page.
6 June 2014 Updated Computed controlled machining page.
2 June 2014 Added project presentation slide
14 May 2014 Updated Interface and application programming page.
30 Apr 2014 Updated Networking page.
22 Apr 2014 Updated Output devices page.
10 Apr 2014 Updated Input devices page.
01 Apr 2014 Updated Embedded programming and Molding and casting pages.
12 Mar 2014 Updated Electronics production page and Electronics design page.
04 Mar 2014 Updated 3D Scanning and printing page.
25 Feb 2014 Updated Electronics production page.
18 Feb 2014 Updated 3D controlled cutting page.
11 Feb 2014 Added 3D models for the final project. Updated project schedule
02 Feb 2014 Website online, added personal profile page and final project description.

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