project development

this is week 2 page.

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

during the fab academy i was modifieing my design acording to the new things that i will learn.

so the first three weeks iwas exploaring on how i can make my design be portable that can be assembled and re assmpled, easly becouse my last project Light tunnel V1 and Light Tunnel V2 most of the cost was goin to the structure and it only can be used once and then it will be sold as scrap becouse the manfifacturarer will make this specially for me,

so my goal was to cut this cost out thats why i designned these joints

3D design and printing of the joints

i finished designing the joint and printed them using 3d printer 1 2 3

Designed tow side mold and mill it

i made mold for speeding the process of creating more joints


and here in the 2d design and cutting with cnc is to test if the structurecan be asembled correctly and to see if there is errors need to be fixed

Designed the structure and cut the parts

i finished the structure and cut it with ShopBot CNC and test the structure

3 3


for the electronics this is the part i was waiting to reach during the academy , its the skill that i really want to gain so i can devolop more toos and product , for me making is my daily job and i dont really git board of it, o making my own board is a dream that came true, so i was enjoing learning how i can reach wit this.

and for the project the process of test and develop was going week by week and applieing whatever i learned on it.



LED —- Attiny45

Red —- »> 12 V White —- »> GND Green —- »> pb0
GND —- »> GND

with sequencing

Designed cut the electronics pcb

whats left

what’s working? what’s not?

what questions need to be resolved?

what will happen when?

what have you learned?

Project Managment

i am using Trello the project managment of my project and documentation process during the academy.

margin cut

so for this project i planned to present on 16 july so i planned to hit this dead line and strated wit hwhat i need to make the project be working to presented,