Week 1.

Indvidual assignment

the first task that we have to do in the academy is to read Fab Charter to have a clear idea about what is a fab lab and what it contain and what its offer for us, next we need to sketch our ideas, each project must start first with a sketch and a plan for what are we going to build during the academy, and the goal is to hae clear view of what are you going to do, and during the corse there will be agained skilles and assignment that should get us closer to our final project

lighting project background

one of my projects that i am proud of is the Light Tunnels projects, i developed version 1 with Arduino on April 2018 it was one color only its was my first out door project and then developed it to be 6 color and 144 relays

light Tunnel V1

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light Tunnel V2


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on the first day on fab academy there were a demonstration of old project that student did for the fab academy course and one of the projects that was umap by Krišjānis Rijnieks

and after seeing his channel i sow this project which inspired me to work more on light project because i have already worked on a project

Another inspiration is the Chrismas Home Led Light Show, this guy every year on chrismas he come with a theme and make music light show, i was watching his progress and i want to make something similar,

Final project idea

for the final project i want to make something that i am passionate about, and i love building a project that controll light, i want to combine art with engineering in anew way.

i want to mix the projection maping with colorful led light to creat an amazing light show.

The Sketch

putting all things together i want to make something mixed between the led lihgt and projection mapping , putting in mind that the devices that available on market today is expensive i want to design my own electronics for controling les pixel.


The Plan


The main goal

the soal in this project not just to make it happen and controll led and maping becouse it already exist, but this technoligy is really expensive so the main goal is to cut the cost down, and to do that i devided the project into these steps

in this step i will try to find led strip that is available in local market and can be controled by pixel. i will test many led strip till i find the perfect one in term of quality and price

in this stage i will try to controll the led strip with arduino and see what i can come up with

in this stage i shoud git red of the arduino and build my ouwn pcb. to controll led strip.

in this stage i will get started with projection maping, i should test any software that do the jop and make sure to use open source or free version and if not exist the cheepest

in this stage i should be done with all learning curve and started to create something unique that can impress anyone will see it.

Plan B

is to make V3 of my light tunnel, with the things i will learn in the academy iam sure there will be a chance for developing new version,

inspiration from Pinterst

for the third version of the light tunnel i want to change a littile bit from the arch design, so i was searching on pinterst for new ideas i found this project by Jordan Greene from Atlanta its look intersting so i decided to build something similer and put my own touch to it.

Jordan Greene


the projects will consist of the following:

I will Design the structure of the Tunnel to be hexagon shape tunnel,Using Onshape software to design the the struchure of the tunnel and i will use MDF Wood and with Subtractive fabrication i will use CNC machine to fabricate the struchure

For the electronics part, I am planning to use Atmega328p microcontroller and I am going to design the PCB by using Kicad Software and i will use Roland srm20 milling machine to fabricate the PCB circuit.

i will desing and program Atmega328p. microcontroller, the effect of the light will be somthing like this

Jordan Greene