Light tunnel V2

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Date: Jun 2018

Light Tunnel V2

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one of the projects that I am proud of is version 2 of the light tunnel the I designed it from A to Z with my friend Saeed Youssef and my brother Meshal Aladi, we designed a tunnel of 37 arches and each arch has an RGB Led strip with 6 colors, and an Arduino based controller with 144 relays to control the lighting and the color distribution pattern of the tunnel, and the reason why I am proud of this project is not from the technological side and the beauty of the project, but its the challenges and the circumstances that were surrounding the development of the project, we had only 10 days to finish development and installation of the project, because they wanted to be working in an event during Eid al Fitr, so yes it was during Ramadan season and we were limited with the resources that available in the local market there is no time to order anything from outside, thank god that we finished the project on time but its really was a big challenge, this project gave me a clear vision of my endurance and capabilities, And now i make most of my decisions based on the ability and self-confidence that I got from this expeariance

Project in Action

Building process



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