Light Tunnel V1

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one of my projects that i am proud of is the Light Tunnels projects, i developed version 1 with Arduino on April 2018 it was one color only its was my first out door project and then developed it to be 6 color and 144 relays

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in 2018 i was working in fabLab jubail and we had art festivial that is comming on april 2018 ,and i have been asked to do something for the lab so they can demonstrate it in the festivel, so i was looking for ideas for something that mix art with technology, so my manager showed me this video for a festival in bahrain a one year ago and asked me can you do something like this, he is refering to the light tunnel specially in this video

so i said its logically doable, iam not sure but i can try to do it if you provide me with the materials, so he said ok go ahead and do yuor best, so i accepted the challnege.

after three weeks of searching and working with the resources that was available in the lab i have created my first outdoor project

Light tunnel V1

Project in action