Automatic gate

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Date: June 2016

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Automatic gate

In this project we will simulate an automated parking gate by using an ultrasonic sensor to open and close the gate if a specific distance is achieved, and we will use ( EPILOG LASER ) the laser CNC to build our structure

Project in Action

Materials and components

How Does It Work

The ultrasonic sensor will detect the distance infront of the gate if a car came closer than 20 cm to the gate the ultrasonic sensor will send a command to the arduino microcontroller to open the gate , then the ardino will send a command to the servo to open the gate 90 Degree to open the gate

Connection: Ultrasonic Sensor


Connection : Servo Motor



Picture2.png The structure for this project had been designed by a laser cutter and connected to each other by super glue, you can see the picture below.



At the end this is how the project will look like , it looks kinda funny , but I built to merely visualize the idea.

whenever something gets withing the range of the ultrasonic sensor , it will measure its distance from sensor , and if it was less that a certain amount, the servo will turn , opening the gate.

it’s just an idea for a simple application of using sensor and actuators to make something useful easily with Arduino

Building process

i shared the details for building this project in instructable