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Atom is an open source text editor developed in 2014 by GitHub. Created using Node JS and HTML, it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Whereas, Sublime was created by Jon Skinner, a former Google Engineer, and supports the same platforms as Atom.

Download Atom

what makes Atom the best choice is

first step is downloading and installing. You can download a free copy of Atom for Mac, Windows, or Linux here

download installing


Atom also offers a more in-depth Welcome Guide when you first open the program. its recommend going through this, to get familiar with its environment


installing and add to path

to add atom to path follow these steps

path01 path02 path03 path04

opening atom from command line

by typing atom . in command line it will open atom on the folder you are in


Atom Flight Manual

The Atom Flight Manual covers everything from getting off the ground to replacing the engine. Go here to read the one and only book on everything Atom.


Atom documentation


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Tutorial 06

learn how to build a website for documenting using ( Hugo ) + (bootstrap)