applications and implications

week 17

Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered.
Your project should incorporate:

Where possible, you should make rather than buy the parts of your project. Projects can be separate or joint, but need to show individual mastery of the skills, and be independently operable.

See Final Project Requirements for a complete list of requirements you must fulfil.

for this week we will focus on our final project, specially on the theoritical part of it and building our Bill of Material. in this week we should define the final idea and really stuck to it.

The answers to the questions below will allow you to create your BOM (Bill Of Materials).

What will it do?

It is an art project, which is a luminous tunnel with colorful, attractive and interactive LED lights, the audience can enjoy the view while walking through it and interacting with it, and it will be installed in the gardens or on a walkway on the sea or on the corniche

Who has done what beforehand?

in 2018 i was working in fabLab jubail and we had art festivial that is comming on april 2018 ,and i have been asked to do something for the lab so they can demonstrate it in the festivel, so i was looking for ideas for something that mix art with technology, so my manager showed me this video for a festival in bahrain a one year ago and asked me can you do something like this, he is refering to the light tunnel specially in this video

so i said its logically doable, iam not sure but i can try to do it if you provide me with the materials, so he said ok go ahead and do yuor best, so i accepted the challnege.

after three weeks of searching and working with the resources that was available in the lab i have created my first outdoor project

Light tunnel V1

Project in Action
Light tunnel V2

after three month somone from that art event was impressed with my project and reached me out to make another on, my first project was 21 arch with one color on each arch only, this guy was asking for 34 arch and with 6 colors led light, and what makes the challenge even harder he asked me to do it in 10 days and i was fasting during Ramadan season.

Project in Action

inspiration from Pinterst

for the third version of the light tunnel i want to change a littile bit from the arch design, so i was searching on pinterst for new ideas i found this project by Jordan Greene from Atlanta its look intersting so i decided to build something similer and put my own touch to it.

Jordan Greene

What will you design?

the projects will consist of the following:

I will Design the structure of the Tunnel to be hexagon shape tunnel

For the electronics part, I am planning to use Atmega328p microcontroller and I am going to design the PCB by using Kicad Software

i will desing and program the effect of the light

Jordan Greene

what materials and components will be used?


i will use MDf wood becouse its cheaper and available in the lab

Electronic PCB
3D printer

the project structure is a Hexagon Shape, and in order to make the shape be easily assembled and de assembled i decided to design a 120’ joint on each angle, and then i will use 3D printer to print it

where will they come from?

Most of the materials and electronics components that I have mentioned are available in our lab and some of them i will buy it from local store Like Adressable LEDS, and to lower the cost I ordered them from Amazon SA.

how much will they cost?

Total Cost will be 210.75

what parts and systems will be made?

it will be a main system that hold the main effect and sub system for each hexagon that control the leds connected to it

what processes will be used?

Designing :

Using Onshape software to design the the struchure of the tunnel , Kicad to desing the boards.

Fabrication :
Additive fabrication :

3D Printer : Using a 3D printer to fabricate the case of the Controllers. and for printing the joint

Subtractive fabrication :

CNC machine fabricate the struchure

Milling Machine :

Using a Roland srm20 milling machine to fabricate the PCB circuit.

Soldering :

Using the soldering to solder the following components on the PCB board :

Programming and Testing :

Connecting the electronics components then program the Atmega328p. microcontroller, Input and output devices.

what questions need to be answered?

how will it be evaluated?