Week 1 - Principles and practices

My final project draft

I'd like to develop a smart thigh compression sleeve that is able to measure the contraction of the thigh muscles and the displacement of its soft tissues. This drawing presents three possible versions of that compression sleeve. The first version is represented on the thigh drawing and would use classical strain gauges sewed on a classical thigh compression sleeve. The second version is represented on the thigh section and would consist of rigid parts (in dark) linked by soft sensors (in blue). The third version is a simple silicone hollow cylinder whose sensors distribution would be computed by an algorithm developed by Disney Research to augment proprioceptive sensing capabilities of soft robots.

Draft of my smart thigh compression sleeve

Draft of my smart thigh compression sleeve with three possible technologies

The instrumentation would consist if possible of soft sensors like Textile Silicone Hybrid Sensors or EGaIn Sensors developped by the Wyss Institute. Their researchers also developped a Soft Wearable Motion Sensing Suit for Lower Limb Biomechanics Measurements .

Soft Fabric Sensors from Wyss Institute on Vimeo.

A list of useful material

The following list sum up the different books or tools that might be very useful to follow the fabacademy:

The Fab Charter

I read the Fab Charter.

FAB ACADEMY 2020 source

20200129 Principles and Practices from Academany on Vimeo.