Project Development

Assignment 19

Project Development

This week is the last week of FAB Academy sessions =( I am so sad because I used to attend these amazing sessions and listen to Prof. Nail, I really enjoyed and gained experience.

We are running because we have a cut off day for FAB Academy and we have to finish the final project. Because Covid-19, our lab is still not full access so we are stressed with the deadline to finalize our projects.

In this assignment, I have to answer the following questions to check the progress of my final project and make sure that we are in the right direction.

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain ?

As I mentioned in the Invention Assignment that I did a project timeline. So, I am going to talk about the progress in each milestone.

1. Design Phase

In the designing phase, I completed the design case of the device with all holes needed for electronics components. I am still thinking about designing an additional object for the LDR to allow the students to put the cards on it.

I planned to design a package and print a small test as shown below to check the shape of it.

2. Fabrication Phase

After finishing the design part of the device, I printed a sample of the top part by laser cutter to check the electronics componants holes.

After that I tested the top and bottom of the device case by 3D printing a small prototype by using a Prusa 3D printer. I faced some problems while printing the top part because I needed to put support but after putting the support I could not remove it. It looks very very solid.

I tried to flip the top part then print it without support. Now it looks great !

After that, I printed a test with the original size by using a CR-10 3D printer. I used this printer because the dimensions of the device is larger than a Prusa 3D printer.

I faced some problems while using this printer which is the first layer of the model that did not touch the bed.

So, I did some tests to make the bed leveled.

The remaining in the fabrication phase are the game board and cards.

3. Electronic Phase

In the electronic phase, I drew the circuit by using eagle software.

Then, I used the Carvey milling machine to mill and cut the PCB. I faced lots of difficulties while using the milling machine. Sometimes I prepare everything and I make sure that the surface is leveled but when I run the machine I am surprised that the bit could not touch the PCB material. Also, sometimes the bit is broken. This machine is taking lots of time and needs lots of tests to make a neat and accurate PCB.

This is the first try. It took 6 hours, but unfortunately, it was a failure. I think the plate was not stable enough and moved while the milling was working.

This is the second try, and I noticed that some paths are attached to each other. I tried to solve this problem by importing the PCB drawing in SVG format rather than PNG format.

Oooh!! Unfortunately, 3 cutting bits are broken. It’s okay Norah!! We learn from failure!

4. Assembly Phase

I am still not working on this phase because I did not finish the full project to assemble the model with the electronics.

5. Presentation Phase

As I mentioned before in the Invention Assignment. I started to make the first draft of the slide and video.

What's working? what's not ?

As I said in Applications and Implications Assignment my final project has two systems. I tested the first and second system of the game and they are working very well in arduino.

First System Test :

Second System Test :

I tried to upload the code to the PCB but the microcontroller is not working! We searched about this issue with our instructer and we noticed that the microcontroller that we have in our lab is fake! So, we ordered a new Atmega328 microcontroller from this site digikey. Also, I ordered Arcade Push Button from Amazon US.

We finally received them before the presentation date. Wahhhoooooo !!

What questions need to be resolved ?
  • In my project I have a lot of wires. How can I manage and control all of these wires?
  • The project will have two systems. How can I communicate between them ?
  • The code of my project needs to be sequentially to allow the game work very well. How can I integrate the codes together correctly ?

  • What will happen when ?

    I planned to present my final project in July but unfortunately I could not during the pandemic becuase our LAB did not have full access. So, I shifted the plan to finish the project in August. The progress of the project so far as follow :

    What have you learned ?

    Failure is a chance to learn. We have just learned all the wrong ways toward that particular success, as Edison did with his “ten thousand” wrong attempts. Every lesson learned, every failure, is a movement in the right direction.

    In FAB Academy, I made lots of mistakes but I learn from everything that happens and I discover new things.

    The main thing that I have learned is the electronics part which I have zero experience in this field. Now, I can design, mill, solder, connect and program my own PCB !! This is awesome.

    After doing all the assignments and final project, I think I am able to MAKE ALMOST ANYTHING.