Principles and Practices

Assignment 1


I have been working in the FABLAB environment since 2014. I love making things, learning about digital fabrication and also learning about electronics components! I am glad to have joined FAB Academy to get the diploma, and I am sure it will be an amazing learning journey.


This is the first assignment in FAB Academy 2020. In this assignment, we were asked to plan and sketch out an idea about our final project for FAB Academy.

Final Project Idea !

With the use of the golden circle, I will be using three simple questions to represent the initial idea of my final project.

Why ?

I am working for National TalentS Company which operates many learning programs and FABLABs. I have been working as an operation manager and technical expert in many different learning projects . We usually have short periods in such learning programs and we are always faced with one problem or the other when we are trying to get ideas to make different prototypes from the students during the program.

How ?

To solve this problem, I decided to design a brainstorming kit. This is aimed at making this stage of the program more fun for the students. By playing and thinking at the same time, ideas will be generated at a faster rate !

What ?

It is a kit/device called Shake your brain!! This kit/device is a brainstorming tool for educated students to solve problems and generate new ideas by playing through the SCAMPER method. SCAMPER is a creative, easy-to-use brainstorming technique that helps generate new ideas or improve existing ones.

This is the initial sketch of the idea. This sketch was inspired by the shape of the brain.

I am going to improve on this idea while learning in the upcoming assignments, which will help me to know more about electronics components. I can use this to make my idea useful and smart.

Can’t wait to see the final prototype !