A giant breadbord with Led Up Kidz

Posted by Amy in 2019

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The final presentation video

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Extra background information

Who has done what before

And what can we learn from it?

When I got the question to make a giant breadboard, my instinct was to open a search engine and look up what already exists. There were 2 big players online: Sparkfun, OSH Park and Hackaday


The SparkFun video was not only fun to watch, but also interesting. As they are making a time lapse, you can clearly see all the materials that they used.

  • Basic materials (isomo, metal plates, wires...)
  • Clear building instructions
  • Where are the giant components? Note: we found them much much later

OSH Park

During my search I found a tweet form OSH park and the fact that they made a giant breadboard that looked quite resistant to children. We looked further into it but we didn't find more info on it. We reached out on twitter, but only got info about the 555 kit and nothing about the board.
Turns out this will be look and learn documentation.

  • Clear and understandable
  • Good connections to the breadboard
  • Only documentation is the twitter-tweet


The search also led us to the hackaday website. They have an article about a Minneapolis/St Paul based hackspace that made a giant breadboard. Sadly it only stayed at one article and some 404 links.

  • A useful picture.
  • No extra information

Class info

During the class we also learned that Fiori made a giant arduino.

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Extensive research and building info

As this info does not show you how the boards and components are made, here you can find the link to the more detailed info about the final project:

Learn more about the setup of the project

Learn more about the quest for the best material

Learn more about the making of the giant components

Learn more about the making of the giant breadboards for kids

Learn more about the making of the giant breadboard for the instructor

Learn more about the (advanced) electronics

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Bill of materials

For 6 kids breadboards

What Amount Material price Buy
bases 1 per plate wood €2.18
bolts and nuts 30 (5 per board) metal €30 Stock Americain
plexi 12 (one plate per board) plexi €84
metal strips 3 rolls metal €10.61 Dymowinkel
wires 3m metal €15 Aliexpress

For 1 teacher board

What Amount Material price Buy
vilt base 2 per board (light blue and grey) filt €13,95 bij vilt en zo
Connection tape 8m metal donation from Beckaert
sewing wire 1 polyester €4

For 5 giant LED's

What Amount Material price Buy
3D printed part 5 PLA €1.25 Made in the lab
LED 10 LED €1.53
wires 3m metal €15 Aliexpress
vacum for plastic 5 plastic €5 Mayku
mold 1 plastic €0.40 In the lab
shrink tubes 10 plastic €0.52 Electronic store

For 5 giant resistors

What Amount Material price Buy
3D printed part 5 pla €3.50 In the lab
Resistor 220R 10 resistor €5 electronics store
wire 1 metal €5 Aliexpress
shrink tubes 5 plastic €0.26 electronics store
spray putty 2 putty €14 DIY store
spray paint 2 paint €14 DIY store

For 20 jumperwires

What Amount Material price Buy
3D printed part 100 pla €10 In the lab
wire 1 metal €5 Aliexpress
shrink tubes 5 plastic €0.26 electronics store

For 20 foxyboards

What Amount Material price Buy
epoxyboard 10 epoxy copper €6.00
Resistors smd 60 resistor €1.20 RS
LED smd 60 plastic €36 RS
Tilt switch 20 plastic €15.40 Amazon
Battery holder 5 plastic €14 RS
Battery 5 plastic €0.26 electronics store
Micro controller 5 plastic €20 RS

For 1 total packet

Part Amount price
Kids breadboad 6 €173.91
Teacher breadboad 1 €31.90
giant resistors 5 €41.76
jumperwires 20 €16.03
Foxyboards 20 €92.60
Total €371.43

As we send out emails after the final presentation to thank our advisers in the industry, pretty fast we got the question if we'd keep developing the breadboard in the furture. Some changes have already been made (plexi on the kids breadboards instead of wood), but other changes will be made in the future. Therefore the latest version and updated version of the BOM can always be found in the link below.

Link to a updated version of the BOM for after the Academy

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